Thanks to all those visitors of my website around the world !

I am very glad, that my website and my only few articles are so popular out there. It’s great for me and you that my created wine notes, contents, descriptions and stories are so easy to find for you by google and other search engines.

Actually more than 20.000 visitors have been on my website, since i installed to plugin which counts them. That’s more than i would have ever thought ! Thanks to all of you guys !

The most visitors are – oh wonder – from Germany ! But i really wonder why Singapore and China is on the top ranks too. The United States on rank 4 is as expected, because i think that those friends of good wines over there are very interested in german wines and blog-articles.

I would love to know who are those very interested people, who read my articles not just once a time !
Those Top Visitor Ranking is just for 27th of October 2020 but exemplary for a lot of days – it’s mixed up ! : Ashburn, Virginia; Montréal, Québec; Dorsten, NRW. 😀

Hope i will find more time, to spend it on writing some more blog articles. I still have wines from my journeys down in my cellar. Still to come: wine from California, Cape Cod, south of France, Alsace, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Swiss, Austria, Belgium and of course also a lot from Germany ! So stay with me ! 🙂

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